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Farazad Investments provides global access to capital and assistance in obtaining loans for industrial and commercial projects Worldwide. FII is a boutique preferred Investment Bank House, asserting a distinctive position in the International market, their products are tailor made to fit client’s criteria. FII’s Awarding winning in-house formula has received international recognition by the top Institutional Lenders and Asset Managers, favouring their transparent and innovative approach.

FII currently operates across five continents, with offices in the United States, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Australia. The FII team comprises of reputable industry professionals, with profound experience in their individual sectors. The team works directly with the project owners to understand the vision and further expand the capability of that vision within realistic parameters. As an FII client their award winning structure ensures clients are not at risk of default once the loan term is expired. This healthy approach has served in advising and structuring projects for funding valued over $3bn over the last eight years alone.

FII’s stringent due diligence on each and every selected proposal, identifies compliant clients and pursue the most suited capital structure. FII bridges the understanding between the lenders and borrowers.

The following examples provide a snapshot of FII’s Corporate Project Portfolio either structured or in the pipeline with Institutional and/or Consortium of International Lenders.

They include, in part:

  • Financing of Petrol Station Company valued at EUR 27M in Madrid, Spain.

  • Real Estate Development financing in British Columbia, Canada for a Class A multi story project. The project is a mixed-use, dual tower, single structure development project. The development will consist of one 22-storey tower with 164 hotel suites and another 30-storey tower with 161 condo units, full project valued at USD 110M.

  • Structuring funding scheme for a mixed use development in Luxembourg City valued at EUR 200M

  • Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) located  British Columbia, Canada located on the East Coast of Vancouver Island, which is one of Canada’s warmest climates. The project will be constructed on 3.1 acres providing 174 senior’s residence suites offering tremendous views of the surrounding mountains and the Comox Glacier valued at USD 66M.

  • Financing of Coal-Fired Power Plant in Turkey phase one valued at USD 1.2bn.

  • Real Estate mix-used development financing in Astana, Kazakhstan operated by an International brand operator valued at USD 180M.

Farazad Investments business expansion into the European, Middle East and Far East markets opens the door to the development of new regional opportunities throughout Europe, North Africa, West and Central Asia.



Founded in 1996 by Mr. Korosh Farazad, the Chairman and CEO, the business started by financing in oil wells in Mississippi and Louisiana. FII also assisted in financing small pipeline transactions in the Caspian Sea with association with various partners and banks within the region.

That business grew significantly during 2003, and diversified concentrating on the buy & sell of prime bank instruments and crude oil, in cooperation with many of the World’s Leading Financial Institutions and Oil Suppliers.

By 2005, Mr. Farazad had the ability to establish credit lines with various banks against large volume Bank Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit expanding the Company’s ability to provide in-house financing to small cap companies.

This primary step led to the expansion of operations, and key relations were developed with the World’s leading Financial Institutions and global oil suppliers. FII’s key activity was to facilitate medium to large scale structured finance plans for Major Corporations, in cooperation with Fund Pool Mangers, Investors, project developers and leading International Banks.


Alternative Funding

FII identifies safe haven economies and this attracts both Institutional Lenders and Private Family Offices to invest into these secure economies.

FII’s unrivalled reputation and lender confidence assisted in the introduction of prominent Family Offices that have the ability to evidence their fund capacity and an appetite to invest Worldwide.

The company’s unconventional approach to financing, provided an edge to better understand the challenges of the economic climate over the last few years, and from this understanding it has founded a way to secure funding for the Borrower under a less conventional practise and provided the investor maximum security to lend under this inventive scheme.  

In 2013 it was reported a difficulty to obtain debt financing even up to 50% of the enterprise value, if this figure is compared with 2006 trends the ratio of equity to debt was 65 to 70% and above, in the current market climate institutional lenders equity to debt ratio averages from around 40%, but through various Family Offices and Private Equity Firms, FII are able to obtain ratios as high as up to 70% equity to debt.  

Private Equity

FII’s Private Equity structures provide key market advisory expertise for private corporations and acquisition financing when necessary in Buy-Side Mandates. The FII team comprises of highly experienced Private Equity professionals whom have deep sector knowledge along with a strong network of Fund Managers and Institutional Investors. A full review of financial business plans with the targeted projections alongside the implementation of operational restructuring are all analysed and restructured.

Our strengths are to provide advice on specific initiatives and processes that help manage complex transactions and cross-border structuring from both buy and sell side perspectives.

Areas of Prime Expertise

• Assistance in obtaining Trophy Asset Loans

• Structured Financing

• Credit Enhancement

• Rated Bonds for Debt Financing

• Financing of Sovereign Investments

• Wealth Management

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